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A Real Water Monster!

A real water monster has been found in Norway — well, the fossil of one, anyway. When this 50 foot long “sea monster” was alive, it’s mouth would have been big enough to take a bite out of a Mini Cooper!

According to the Reuters News Service, the 150 million years old fossil was found in Svalbard, 800 miles from the North Pole. Joern Hurum, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum in Oslo who led the expedition, proclaimed it a new species of pliosaur, and the largest ever found.

Other Jurassic era sea creatures may have been larger, but the pliosaurs were the fiercest, according to Huram. This particular fossil’s sharp teeth were the size of cucumbers and its jaw was ten feet long!

Whether any descendants of this or similar creatures still exist (one popular theory suggests that the Loch Ness Monster is a plesiosaur, a relative of the pliosaur family), well, that’s another question...

Have you ever had a run-in with a water monster? Click here to send a message to Eric!

Your Spooky Stories

Stories of the supernatural submitted by readers like you!

Have you read the stories of haunted schools in Southern California that I've posted on my site?

Recently, I noticed a huge spike in activity on ElfmanWorld, most of it in the Spooky Morsels Archive, and specifically on the School Spirts page. When I checked my e-mail, I found the following from D, a student at Virgil Middle School:

    Today, Wednesday, August 15, 2007, everyone in the school plus me saw the clown of Virgil Middle School that haunts the auditorium.

A few days later, I received the following note from J, another student at Virgil:

    Well yeah, I go 2 Virgil Middle School here in L.A. and yeah, I heard that my school is haunted. Well, last week a lot of kids saw a clown in the window of the auditorium. And everyone is saying that there are ropes in the girl's bathroom near the Main Office...well, yeah I'd like to know if all this is true...well yeah, take care....

I wrote back to both of these students asking for more information, but haven't heard back from them.

If you are a student at Virgil, and saw the clown yourself, or heard about it, please let me know. I'll post any additional information I receive in this space on ElfmanWorld.

Also last week, I received the following e-mail from student E, at Bakersfield High:

    At Bakersfield High School, in Bakersfield, CA, there lies a building named Warren Hall. This is home to one of several known ghosts on campus. Though I don't know why she is there, she walks around on the roof of the building in what sounds like high heels. Once, while I was in class on the third and top floor of the building, the entire class heard loud footsteps on the roof directly above the classroom. Our teacher then told us about the ghost.

    There are a few more ghosts in the Harvey Auditorium. A high school boy was said to be working on the lighting for the drama kids when he fell to his death. He now walks around the hallways. There is also a girl in that same building who is rumored to have commited suicide.

    Some kids are frightened by all of ours ghost. But others think that it gives the school more character.

I wrote to E, asking for any additional details. E soon wrote back:

    Well, sometimes when I walk through the empty halls, and I get chills. Many of the teachers who work late feel the same thing.

    A friend of mine was working late at night on the lights for the Drama Club with a couple of friends. He heard a girl screaming and thought his friends were playing a joke on him, but when he asked his friends they said no. When he brought them up to where he heard the girl's scream, no one was there. They called the police but they couldn't find anything either.

Have you ever had a personal encounter with the paranormal? A brush with the unexplained? At school or elsewhere? If so, I want to hear about it! E-mail me today! And if you give me permission, I'll post your story on this page!

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Another student writes in with this story of a personal encounter at Garden Grove High School.

      Lizzie, the Ghost of Garden Grove High
      by I.J.

      Hello, I am a student at Garden Grove High School and I'm just e-mailing you to tell you what I've heard about the haunting here.

      When I was a freshman, I had English in one of the classrooms located in the Hall of Fame (originally the two story building where Lizzy was crushed to death).

      One day, we had a substitute teacher for English. His name is Mr. S_____. He was an English teacher there for many years before he retired and now he just subs every once in a while. Anyway, Mr. S_____ pointed out a trap door in the corner of the room and he told us a story about it.

      Up until around the mid-1990's, he said, no one had gone down there for a long time. When Mr. S_______ and some other teachers finally did investigate, they found it was a storage room with awards, medals, costumes for plays, etc., that were from the early years of the school (1920's-1930's). Along with all of the costumes and what not, they noticed that there were footprints made by bare feet in the dust and some of the costumes were scattered around on the floor.

      After seeing the mess, they cleaned up and they folded all of the costumes and placed them neatly back in the small room. After a couple of days they decided to go back into the room, and found the costumes thrown all over the room again and yep, more foot prints in the dust.

      Mr. S_____ also mentioned that he himself, along with some of his students, saw Lizzy looking down at them from the windows in the ceiling in the Hall of Fame where she is reported to be seen most often.

      Another thing I remember was when I was a sophomore, some friends and I went into the Hall of Fame with a Ouija board and tried to contact Lizzy. After a couple minutes we finally got a response and it spelled out LIZZY and we asked for the year she died, and yeah we got a year but I don't remember what it was. I never really thought that was real though. I think it may have been one of my friends goofing around trying to scare us.

      I am now a junior and my girlfriend now has math in one of the classrooms. While they were doing some work, the class door was slowly opening and closing repeatedly even though it was latched. Her teacher told the class that it was the school ghost, Lizzy. After she told me about this, I got the story about the school ghost in my head and I started looking around on the internet to learn more about Lizzy. I eventually came across your site and I decided to tell you all that I know about the school ghost.

Eric back again.

So what do you think, dear readers? Was Mr. S_____ just trying to scare his class? What was causing the door in the math class to open and close? Was there ever even a student named Lizzy? Let me know what you think!

Have you ever had a personal encounter with the paranormal? A brush with the unexplained? If so, I want to hear about it! E-mail me today! And if you give me permission, I'll post your story on this page!

Read more of Your Spooky Stories by clicking here!

Eric has never seen a school ghost, but he'd love to hear your story if you have!
Have a comment or question? Or a spooky true story of your own? Click here to send a message to Eric!

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