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March 2010 - UFOs Over Cleveland

According to The Week magazine, mysterious lights in the sky above Lake Erie have drawn thousands of people to the area over the past few weeks.

Witnesses say the lights appear each evening and zip about in the sky. NASA can't explain what they are, nearby military bases claim they have conducted no recent tests that could account for the lights, and local air traffic controllers have no idea what they are, either.

MSNBC broadcast a report from the scene, with inconclusive video footage. (The guy whose footage they used could invest in a tripod for starters!)

The Cleveland UFOlogy Project website contains a link to local news station, Fox8 News, with a fairly sensationalistic report on the current UFO flap. According to one witness, the lights were brilliant, pulsating beams of red, yellow, green, blue.

While one UFO investigator calls it a "significant sighting," skeptics theorize it could simply be lights reflecting off an inversion layer. The jury is still out.

Check it out! Let me know what you think!

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